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Werner Kern
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Description Werner Kern dance bag, this bag is able to fit 2 pairs of shoes in very comfortably.&..
£20.00 Ex Tax: £16.67
Practical shoe carrying bag. ..
£10.00 Ex Tax: £8.33
The benefit of using Heel Protectors only for dance shoes includes increasing friction and protectin..
£5.00 Ex Tax: £4.17
Replacement heel tips for all Werner  Kern – ladies dance shoes. Amount: 1 pair Co..
£3.00 Ex Tax: £2.50
Any snap buckle can be replaced. Only the side with made in Italy written on snaps. The buckles come..
£3.00 Ex Tax: £2.50
Suede soles are worn very slow. Nontheless if a sole has gone through, you will receive a pair of sp..
£14.00 Ex Tax: £11.67
Werner Kern shoe brush, with cover. High-quality fine-grained roughened brush from Werner Kern fo..
£8.00 Ex Tax: £6.67