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Ballet Pro
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An excellent device for strengthening the intrinsic foot muscles in the arch. Not only for dancers!!..
£46.99 Ex Tax: £39.16
Working with the Flexistretcher allows one to simulate dance-specific or sport-specific movement pat..
£79.99 Ex Tax: £66.66
This sturdy balance board is excellent for working core, turnout muscles, ankles, balance and foot a..
£22.99 Ex Tax: £19.16
A perfect  20-25cm ball for exercising intrinsic foot muscles, and  for other important co..
£7.99 Ex Tax: £6.66
These resistance bands can be used in endless ways for strengthening muscles all over the body, espe..
£6.99 Ex Tax: £5.83
Gorgeous dance bag for the younger dancer with cute pink straps and ballet shoe design. This bag ..
£21.99 Ex Tax: £18.33
A Perfect Set of 3 different size balls of different hardness to target all those areas with mu..
£18.99 Ex Tax: £15.83
Tendu Stretch Loop is the perfect additional stretching and strengthening tool for dancers, and can ..
£22.99 Ex Tax: £19.16
Tendu Yoga brick that is lightweight and can help to improve stretching and strengthening of muscles..
£7.99 Ex Tax: £6.66